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I'm proud and excited to introduce  you to the guide who led me through some of my darkest divorce moments, who held my hand when I doubted my love-ability, and continues to inspire me on my mission to walk with others in their own Divorce Portal.


Meet my mentor & dear friend Lola Pickett!  I've followed Lola (literally) to the jungles of Peru, to the California coast, and more recently over the interwebs through her signature course EMPATH*ology!  


 EMPATH*ology is  THE program that offers a full-spectrum approach to train empaths and HSPs in building the physical, emotional, financial, and communication resiliency they'll need to thrive at all levels in this new world.


This course was  transformational in my own journey of stepping into myself and who I'm here to be.


I credit this course with expanding my capacity to BE ME.

In my relationship.

In my family.

In my work.

In my heart.

The tools for creating nervous system resilience by transforming stress responses, resistance, anxiety, and overwhelm that I learned in EMPATH*ology have become an integral part of my skills for daily living.  I know the value it's brought me in my life now, and I can't imagine how different my experience of the divorce portal would have been if I'd had access to this knowledge and these tools.

That's why I want to offer it to YOU with some extra bonus gifts to tailor it to your unique journey through the divorce portal.

What would it look like to wear your soul self on the outside? What gifts inside of you are hidden out of fear that it’s not safe to reveal yourself?

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I believe in this course and the gifts it holds for you SO much, I've created powerful FREE BONUSES

available from me

if you book the EMPATH*ology course through my unique link.

Check out what awaits you:

2 x 1-on-1 sessions with Kimberly FiNix

Get ready for two special individual coaching sessions with me to step more fully into your power on your own Phoenix Path. Each session is 60 minutes long and will be held on Zoom or similar.


1 x Alchemical Divorce  Roadmap Call: 

This call is designed to help you navigate not only your divorce process, but also harness the potential to rebuild and reclaim the new life you desire. You'll walk away armed with a greater understanding of where you are in the 5 stages of Alchemical Divorce and a tool or practice to help you face your current top challenge. Note**If you enroll in EMPATH*ology using my link, but are not currently experiencing divorce or long-term relationship transition, I'm happy to adapt this gift to meet your needs!  Just let me know when you inform me that you've signed up.


1 x Personalized Phoenix Ritual 

You'll be lovingly held and  guided through a powerful visualization to connect with your  inner Phoenix and ritually release what you wish to let go of, honor and amplify the transformation taking place, and invite a full five-senses experience of the new life you're reclaiming.


Phoenix Transmission Guided   Meditation

A powerful recorded meditation to support your inner and outer process of transformation & rebirth. 


This meditation is your portal to tap into the archetypes and visions you created in your Phoenix Ritual session anywhere, anytime!

Bonus Workshop: Transforming the  "4 Fs" in the Divorce Portal

You'll receive EXCLUSIVE access to this live 2 hour workshop co-led by Kimberly FiNix & Lola Pickett.  We'll explore how the "4 F" Stress Responses (Fight, Flight, Freeze, & Fawn) show up throughout the experience of divorce and relationship transition and  how to transform your current challenges into healthy and empowered actions!  If you're feeling stuck in a pattern of freeze, avoidance, unresolved anger, fear, or submission, you're going to LOVE this special workshop that helps you put the tools you're learning in EMPATH*ology to use straight away.

Ready to be the YOU you've been waiting for?

Here's how to receive the Phoenix Path bonuses with your EMPATH*ology course purchase.

1-Access the EMPATH*ology course information page and enroll in the course using the link below .  This link is crucial as it's my only way to ensure you get your gifts from me!

2- E-mail me at kimberly (or send me a message on either of the social media links below) and let me know you joined!  I'll congratulate you and hook you up with your bonuses STAT!  

The cart closes Thursday May 7th, so don't delay if you're feeling this is for you.

Curious? Unsure?

I'm happy to be your personal guide to this experience. I'm happy to answer questions about the course or my own experience. My Facebook and Instagram await. I'm  so excited to share this journey with you!

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