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I'm proud and excited to invite you to the course that was so transformational in my own journey of stepping into myself and who I'm here to be.


Just because you’re  a lover, a giver, a healer, a peacemaker… doesn’t mean you’re obligated to heal, love, give, or share your peace with everyone.

What would it look like to wear your soul self on the outside? What gifts inside of you are hidden out of fear that it’s not safe to reveal yourself?

EMPATH*ology: Inner Work for Outer Results

To see a change, you have to do things differently. Lasting change comes from a full-bodied knowing that this is safe, possible, and that we'll still belong! Here's how EMPATH*ology works its magic.  

Here's just some of what the modules cover:

  • Current and relatable science on the Nervous System, Sensory Gating, and Trauma–so you can fully understand how your empathic gifts translate into your body’s lived experience

  • Somatic tools for discharging your energy and— importantly—other people’s energies

  • How to recognize when you’re in a stress or trauma response

  • How to help your body release patterns of stress and trauma

  • How to discern what is and isn’t “yours"

  • How to stop people-pleasing and recover from perfectionism

  • Develop high-functioning boundaries

  • The most powerful herbal allies and flower essences to strengthen your nervous system

  • Daring PlayWork that helps you gently face your fears

I believe in this course and the power it brought me and holds for you SO much, I've created powerful FREE BONUSES available from me if you book the EMPATH*ology course through my unique link.

Check out what awaits you:

Phoenix   Path   Power   Practice 

$100 VALUE


This mini-course with a difference contains
1  pdf workbook packed with prompts to explore your juiciest goals and desires & identify the subconscious blocks and beliefs between you and your dreams

1 audio recording of an embodiment journey to bridge mind and body & transform the mindset work from your workbook into embodied wisdom to help you take action

1 Phoenix Rising Self-Ceremony instruction kit to ritually support release of what no longer serves & invoke your new intentions moving forward

Phoenix Transmission Guided   Meditation



A powerful recorded meditation to support your inner and outer process of transformation & rebirth.

60 minute 1-on-1 Coaching Session with Kimberly FiNix

$150 VALUE


This one hour session takes place online. We'll dive deep into what came up for you in these practices, explore the somatic tools you're learning with 1-on-1 guidance, or whatever magic wants to meet you and your experience at the time.

Ready to be the YOU you've been waiting for?

Here's how to receive the Phoenix Path bonuses with your EMPATH*ology course purchase.

Access the Resilience ReBoot information page and sign up using the link below .  

The cart closes Thursday 6 February, so don't delay if you're feeling this is for you.

Curious? Unsure? I'm happy to be your personal guide to this experience. I'm happy to answer questions about the course or my own experience. My Facebook and Instagram await. I'm  so excited to share this journey with you!

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