The Divorce Portal


The time and space that witnesses Death, Transformation and Rebirth of your life.

It's the death of your marriage and the dreams that went with it.


You feel the flames as these parts of you burn away. Your emotions fly through their full range like wildfire. You spin from grief, to rage, to triumphant, from sweet freedom to the depths of powerlessness and back again. 

Your life is changing, transforming. At times you see it laid out like the perfect blueprint. Other times, the floor drops out from beneath you. You feel yourself free falling through darkness into the Unknown.   

Divorce is not just The End. It's The Beginning. Your emotions, your thoughts, your plans, your actions all play a role in designing the blueprint of your life to come.


It's  time  for your rebirth, dear one.


This free recorded meditation offers you a space of peaceful calm, loving acceptance , and warm connection to your innate worthiness.

I'm Kimberly


You can navigate the divorce portal with strength, confidence, and a clear vision for the next stage of your life.

I teach womxn experiencing divorce & relationship transition body-based practices that connect them to their inner wisdom, inspiration, and emotional resilience in times of turmoil and transition.

What is the Phoenix Path?

The Divorce Portal can feel like it navigates you, instead of vice-versa.  You may feel powerless to your circumstances or you may feel terrified by the unknown (this fear and I go way back). Your emotions may feel overwhelming, but you CAN feel them fully, learn from them, and release them, even the hardest ones...I promise!

The Phoenix Path is the conscious navigation of the ongoing death, transformation, and rebirth you experience throughout the divorce portal.

It's a path that demands both consciousness and surrender, curiosity and trust, pain and pleasure.

This is not your destruction.

It's your invitation to rebuild.

How do you want to rise?

Kimberly holds  connected, gentle, intuitive, deep, consent-led  and   trust-filled  space.

The container of her work, and  whatever  journey  you  go  on  with her, has a foundation of so much groundedness,  structure, and  flow.  As her  client,  this allowed   such ease, openness and   surrender.  I  felt  both  autonomy and empowerment that no matter what may be planned, we could  change and  adapt  it according  to  whatever  came up, whatever felt  best, and  was  most  aligned  at any  given  moment.

Bee, New Zealand


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