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The Divorce Portal


The time and space that witnesses Death, Transformation and Rebirth of your life.

Your life is changing, transforming. 

Divorce is not just The End. It's The Beginning. Your emotions, your thoughts, your plans, your actions all play a role in designing the blueprint of your life to come.

Divorce and relationship transition are portals to the deepest layers of your heart and soul.


Tremendous possibility awaits.


The pain and trauma of present circumstances mingles with ghosts of the past.  Each one holds hope for resolution and healing. 


The fire, the tears, the messiness. 

Your enduring strength, your voice of truth, your healer within.

This is the alchemical cauldron of transformation.


Each emotion and experience offers opportunity for healing.

With time, rawness recedes leaving room for reflection and choice.


Layers of identity are shed, a canvas is cleared for Reclamation and Creation.


Who inside of you wants to Rise?

What dreams want to take flight?


It's   time  for your  rebirth,  dear  one.


This free recorded meditation offers you a space of peaceful calm, loving acceptance , and warm connection to your innate worthiness.

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I'm Kimberly


The sunset of my marriage led to my darkest night of the soul.

It was also an initiation.

I had an embodied experience of how pain, trauma, and the healing journey are not confined within a single realm of mind, body, or spirit.

These realms are intertwined.

When we are wounded, each realm is scarred.

We we are cared for, each is healed and strengthened.

My journey of healing and integration birthed a new path:

 I'm committed to facilitating healing and transformation within the

alchemical realms of divorce and relationship transition.  

Healing is a lifelong journey. 

Devotion is lifelong service.

I believe that Divorce and Relationship Transition are some of the most powerful portals we can experience. They offer profound opportunities for healing and transformation. They also bring tremendous challenge, and can rock you to your emotional, mental, spiritual, and perhaps even physical core.


I approach these transition portals with deep reverence, and I bow deeply and sincerely to those passing through. I'm here to offer you companionship and support, consensually facilitate healing, and bring you the best of what I've been taught both educationally, and experientially, around healing, vision-holding, and unconditional self-love.


Kimberly FiNix

What is the Phoenix Path?

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The Phoenix Path is the conscious navigation of the ongoing death, transformation, and rebirth you experience throughout the divorce portal.

This path demands both consciousness and surrender, curiosity and trust.

It encompasses great pain and exquisite pleasure.

It's a Path made easier with caring, compassionate guidance from

someone who knows its tribulations,

but also its sacred potential for triumph and truth. 

You've likely been through enough "hard and fast." 

You've probably built amazing skills around "pushing through"

and enduring things that, in a kinder world, you wouldn't have to.

What  if   I    told   you...

that deep, sustainable healing and transformation could be soft and slow?


that your heart, voice, and being could be transformed in a way that feels kind and caring to the "all" of you?

that you can connect and bring forward parts of you whose dreams only dared to whisper before? 

that our time together would be deeply healing and transformational, but it would be in complete co-operation with your own body's pace and wisdom?

You're invited to partner with me on your Phoenix Path.

I teach body-based practices that facilitate the release of stress and trauma, leaving space for you to connect to your inner strength, wisdom, and voice.

YOU are worthy of navigating the divorce portal with confidence, strength, and devotion to your vision of what's next for your life.

This is your time, dear one. 

What do you dream?

What do you desire?

What do you envision?

This is  your  invitation  to   rebuild.

Kimberly has held me through some of the most vulnerable and deeply troubling moments of my life. Not only did she hold me with so much patience and compassion, but she also helped me to see  situations clearly and even helped me find empowerment through a seemingly heart-breaking event.


She understands how to help me work through my guilt and shame and gently show me a way to see myself in a different light. I can not say enough how valuable my sessions with her have been for me. I am in so much better space now with her guidance and thoughtful insights. I thank you from the bottom of my heart, Kimberly, for your patience and genuine spirit that helped me to face my situation with courage and power.

Dira, former client

What might Divorce Coaching with Kimberly look like?

*Having a "partner-in-creation" and a shared vision-holder for your Rising Phoenix*

*Designing a Manifesto for your next stage of life

that you can come back to again and again when times are hard

AND when they're amazing*

*Wild, embodied inner journeys to find the resources within YOU. On these guided explorations, you'll 

sense and connect to your inner heroes, guardians, nurturers, guides*


*Deep, yet gentle trauma healing and integration so that you can experience greater capacity to LIVE your life now and less pain and constriction from the past*

*Space held and techniques shared to help process difficult and inevitable emotions 

in a way that's titrated and cleansing*

*Growing & nourishing momentums of self-trust and resilience during life transitions*


I'd love to hear from you

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Kimberly FiNix

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