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Nature, Mythology, and the Cosmos whisper tales of transformation.
The butterfly emerges
The snake sheds its  skin
The supernova births galaxies
The Phoenix takes flight

Alchemical Divorce Coaching with Kimberly Finix offers a 1:1 container for
your unique Phoenix Path to unfold
with care, witness, and soulful guidance.

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My Approach & Inspiration

It's my honor to walk this Phoenix Path with you.

My coaching methodology combines our modern tools of neuroscience with more ancient understandings of healing and the alchemy of transformation. I weave somatic trauma resolution techniques with symbolism, archetypes, metaphor, and ritual.


In sessions, there's often laughter, tears, wild, powerful imagination, attunement to nature, the cosmic or divine, and grounded education and explorations of your nervous system and body to round it out. There's also soulful presence and deep listening to all of the pieces of you: the scared ones, the strong ones, the magical child, the wise sage, the ones you may often hide, and the voice who most craves to be heard.

We're here (you and me) to trust deeply in your own innate blueprint of health and your unique gifts.

I'm not the boss of you.

I'm not here to push you or box you into MY way.

Coaching is a collaboration to facilitate patterns, practices, and new ways of being and doing that support the ALL of you:

mind, body, spirit, and heart.

Who is this work for? What might we explore?

Your coaching journey and outcomes will be as unique as your vision and goals for the future and the inner gifts that will support your journey.  We'll explore your desires and goals for coaching through your initial intake and Clarity Call.

This work is powerful for all stages of divorce and breakup:

whether you're still exploring whether separation may be coming,

you're blazing through the fiery middle of the process,

or you wish to explore themes from a divorce or relationship years in your past.

To give you an idea of some of the areas clients have experienced shifts around, here's some possible ways I'd be honored to support you.


*You're exploring ending your marriage, or you're already in the process and it feels challenging to find YOUR truth in the midst of all the other advice and opinions coming at you*

 *You feel paralyzed by the "what if's" and desire a dedicated, non-judgemental space to explore, feel, and process what's happening*


*You're looking to make big changes in your post-divorce life and your previous marriage or relationship mirrors what you don't want. You'd like help feeling more possibility around your desires for something radically different.* 



*You want skills for practical and soulful care and nourishment for your inner child: the part of you who often feels the emotional rollercoaster most deeply.*

*You crave space to flex the muscles needed to sense, name, and boldly ASK for what you need at each stage of this process so that you can build a supportive foundation for your new life and receive more of what you want.* 


*You'd love guidance and support through practices that support resilience and aliveness in tough times.*



*You are excited to explore and reclaim parts of your identity and expression that have been shamed, hidden, or simply felt impossible before*

*You desire to regain or deepen self-trust & connection with your inner Sage authority & wisdom, especially after relationships characterized by manipulation, control, or gaslighting.* 


*You're ready to embrace your Sovereign Gatekeeper: to give voice to your YES's and stake healthy boundaries*



*You've been divorced or broke up a long time ago, and you're finding layers of experience, trauma, or discoveries you'd like to process*

*You seek a safe and compassionate space to process some of the big scary feels that relationship transition brings in a way that feels doable, titrated, and supported.  You'd also like to share and explore the possibilities that await.*


*You're ready to begin or or already in a new relationship, and you're noticing patterns or issues from your previous relationships resurfacing*


Divorce is horrible. I was really fortunate to find Kimberly almost immediately after we split. I felt like a complete failure having to explain what was happening to my children. I felt the inevitability of it all, and I felt trapped beneath painful beliefs like "I’m just awful, so why would I think I could build a successful relationship?" It was a huge weight as I stared down the barrel of the despair of the months to come.

Kimberly was a godsend. It was still a process, of course, but Kimberly helped me tap into resources within myself that I didn’t even know existed. I was able to find meaningful positives in my life and to move forward right away, at the same time I was healing.


Kimberly is so kind, and so calm, and simply one of the most supportive people I have ever met. My experience with her verged on magic. I recommend her to any woman struggling with the pain of divorce.

~ Anna,
  United   States

What makes your coaching different?

Feelings and sensations are the language of the nervous system.

This work is body-based, meaning we work on feeling and cooperating with the bodily sensations you experience in relation to both stressors and what delights you.

You will learn "somatic literacy" or body-communication skills that allow deep trauma release, and also greater capacity to hold what you'd like more of.

This allows healing and shifts to take place on a deeper level than we could achieve through

analysis and logic alone.

My coaching work is heavily informed by my training in the ReBloom model of archetypal trauma resolution &

post-traumatic growth.

The depth and power of this work stems from 3 components:

Sowing Seeds of Desire

The deep soul wishes that bring you to this work and display the expression of your heart's desire and soul's work.

Facilitating Embodied Coherence

Completing and releasing the charge of physiological  trauma held within the body, bringing more regulation to the nervous system, and creating patterns of resilience and regeneration within. 

Nourishing Energetic Coherence

The art of identifying and embodying the personal expressions of health, aliveness, voice, wisdom, worthiness, sovereignty, sensuality, and spirituality that are innately and uniquely YOU.

Your dreams, desires, and visions, for your life are fueled by the alchemical process of inner and outer healing and the transformation of painful traumatic imprints into regenerative aliveness.

The goal of our work isn't just for you to "get through this."

The goal is for you to experience new rhythms, practices, and capacities that equip you for a life that blooms and thrives in places that once withered.

It truly is magical, and I would love for you to receive it. 

For more on me and the teachers and experiences that inform my work, look here:

Why trauma resolution? What if my marriage wasn't traumatic?

Trauma resolution or healing is something that organically unfolds during our sessions together. It's a natural part of melting areas of stuck-ness or creating change in old patterns. The wounds you'll heal may not have arisen from your divorce, or even your marriage. If that's something you're specifically seeking help with, we can go there! If not, we'll meet what arises if and when it does.

The difficulties and fears we faced in earlier times, in childhood, or from daily life in modern society built on systems of inequality and extraction can be insidious. They often lurk beneath the surface of our fears and "what ifs" before, during, and after divorce. 

Our core needs of love, safety, and belonging and our earlier experiences of receiving these needs, are present beneath the thoughts and emotions during this stage.

"Trauma" in the neurological sense, refers to incomplete cycles of stress that are stored within our bodies. It's about what happened, often years or decades earlier and still continues to happen inside your nervous system. When we have stored stress or trauma looping in our bodies, it tends to keep us on a system of high alert. We can magnify threats and have less capacity to access the parts of our brain that are in charge of emotional regulation, critical thinking, and pleasure!

In a nutshell, stored stress and trauma creates an embodied experience of small things feeling bigger and big things feeling worse! The massive stress present during major transitions like Divorce adds to the mix and these sensations can feel overwhelming or paralyzing.

Somatic healing provides witness and room for the physical sensations and waves of stress and trauma stored in your body to be met and released in a way that is titrated, safe, doable, and deeply kind to your mind, body, and spirit.

Somatic trauma resolution is not something you just "experience." 

It's building a set of somatic skills.

These are superpowers you can employ to heal and expand your body's capacity to hold all of your feelings, including
the ones we crave more of.  


Kimberly was a goddess-send.
I can’t even put into words, how much this series of sessions with Kimberly helped me over the last year, come out of the darkest phase of my life. There are days where I genuinely didn’t believe I would make it through... but every session, I came out a little stronger, I experienced more light, I felt a little more secure and able to move forward with my desires and dreams.

Her gentle nature, well-informed practices and personal experience helped me feel seen, held, understood and taken care of.

I went from feeling completely deflated, depressed, lost during a painful divorce.
From experiencing levels of anxiety around covid phobia, unlike anything I’ve known or would have ever anticipated... and even through a chronic illness that developed as a result.

To feeling more deeply connected to all of me, to feeling confident that

no matter what life brings, I will get through it.

I honestly can’t think of a better gift to receive from such a challenging time.




Give me the lowdown. How do we work together? 

I'm so glad you asked.
This is YOUR Phoenix Path.
Are you ready to Rise?


a 6 month 1:1 Alchemical Divorce Coaching Journey with Kimberly FiNix

Cost & Components



12 calls over 6 months:
1 x 120 minute intake
1 x 90 minute Phoenix Program Collab Call
10 x 90 minute sessions

calls are typically biweekly and on the same date and time i.e. every second Tuesday at 9am. This is flexible to meet your needs



Welcome Kit & Orientation Pack 

1- multi-page personalized Phoenix Program 

ReBloom Archetype Altar Cards

Customary access to any group programs offered during your coaching package.



Customized personal practices after each session to further integrate what we're working on.

3 x 30 minute check-ins via Whatsapp/Signal

Light e-mail/Whatsapp support as needed.



6 month package paid in full: $2450 usd
Payment plan is available:

6 months:
$410 usd/month


Does this light your flame, love?

It all starts with a free Clarity Call. This call is like an introduction. It does not in any way obligate you to hire me as a coach. It is simply the first step to see if we're a match to work together in service of our goals.

Feeling adventurous? Feeling aligned? Feeling nervous but excited?


read on to learn more about the process and how a coaching journey looks


A 6-month Alchemical Container to co-create change in service of YOU.

The Journey begins with your curiosity.  You’ll book a Clarity Call and complete an intake form with a few details about an area or areas of your life where you’d like to experience change and receive support.

The Clarity Call is a free, zero-obligation "feeler" call based on connection, consent, and clarity around whether my services are the best-fit for the results you'd like to see. We’ll feel into the chemistry of our connection and explore whether or not this package is safe, ideal, and doable from both sides. There’s never any pressure to make a decision, and I encourage you to wait 24-48 hours to inform me of your choice.


On saying “Yes” to your Coaching Journey, you’ll receive a Welcome Pack & Orientation Kit. Your kit is crafted with care and packed with encouragement, guidance, and ritual so that you and your intentions for your Journey are supported from the very beginning. I'll also send you a detailed Intake Form, which I'll read in depth before our first session.


We begin with an initial Intake Session that is 120 minutes long. This session is an opportunity for you to share your story (only if you want to), and to receive greater clarity around your priorities for transformation. We'll tap into your Seeds of Desire: your sacred potential, your motivation, and your glimmering signs on the path of your highest call.

It’s a long session, and there will be opportunities to pause, drop into the body, and experience some gentle somatic techniques for releasing trauma from your body, heart and mind. It will also be an opportunity for me to offer you a metaphor for your current way of being, as well as share some of the tools and steps we might take to bring deep embodied shifts around places you’ve felt chronically stuck.


After the initial intake, I’ll bust out my cauldron and create your unique Phoenix Program. This multi-page pdf synthesizes what we explored in your Intake into a Manifesto of your desires for healing, growth, or change at this time in your life, and how we'll work towards them. It will also outline the specific "developmental muscles" we'll grow and flex together in service to your growth towards these desires. 

Your second session is the Program Collaboration Call, where we will go over your Phoenix Program together. Here we collaborate and co-create a program that is the best fit for you. This is the scaffolding & path we will follow in our sessions.


During your remaining 10 x 90 minute sessions, we'll explore practices and habits that create physiological pathways to more health, increased resource and ease. These alchemical shifts support you to meet the goals outlined in your Phoenix Program. You'll be invited to share stressors and challenges you're currently facing, and we will work in a titrated, do-able way to release stress and trauma stored in the body.

After these sessions, you’ll receive personalized practices via e-mail to help you integrate more deeply what we worked on during the session.


Between sessions you’ll have access to light e-mail/Whatsapp support, as well as the option to book up to 3 x 20 minute check-in calls via Voxer for times when a real-time connection feels more supportive.

Copy of Coaching Process Draft.png


Coaching is co-creation and compassion, not whistles and megaphones.

I am honored to commit to:

A 1:1 space that is heart-full of consent and compassion, where your boundaries are honored and encouraged, where your worthiness is mirrored and celebrated, and where you'll feel empowered to flex the muscles of new ways of being that will take you further on the Phoenix Path you desire to tread.

Practical education around your body and nervous system's healing and well-being that is easy to digest and apply.

You'll be guided through tools and practices that will leave you

empowered and inspired by your own embodied wisdom.

The deepest consent, co-operation, and collaboration with you and your body.

No pushing, no shaming, no rushing, no forcing. Ever.

A confidential and shame-free space for as much (or as little) as you share with me around your personal experiences.  Compassion and curiosity are powerful healers, and I encourage these to bloom in spaces where shame and judgement may have currently resided.

Wild reverence for your heart, mind, and body's most sustainable pace and pathways of growth, healing, and change.

The highest levels of integrity, confidentiality, and professionalism.

A partner to mindfully walk this Phoenix Path with you to witness and honor your brightness and your darkness.


"I would encourage anyone in the process of divorce to seek divorce coaching with Kimberly. While being in the breakup zone, the intensity of a separation is often so high, that the risk for emotional overwhelm and therefore stuck-ness is imminent.


Having someone that can help you release, emotion by emotion, as you walk through this very thick and dense time with so many emotions will allow the process to be bearable and also give the chance of receiving the deep expansion or the deep gifts that comes with the separation.


No one should have to do that alone. No one should need to get stuck months and months in overwhelm and too many emotions. It’s so beneficial to have someone walk alongside with you and help you release the emotions.

To help you grow and transform and own all of the shadow sides of your own psyche, so that when you step out of the  divorce/separation, you will be a freer person than ever before. 

~anonymous client

"Kimberly holds such a connected, gentle, intuitive, deep, consent-led and trust-filled space. The container of her work, and whatever journey you go on with her, has a foundation of so much groundedness, structure, and flow.


As a client, this allows such ease, openness, and surrender as well as the autonomy and empowerment that no matter what may be planned, we can change and adapt it according to whatever comes up, whatever feels best, and whatever feels best and

most aligned at any given moment.

~Bee, New Zealand


Let's begin your Journey, Rising Phoenix!

The Clarity Call is our introduction. It does not in any way obligate you to hire me as a coach. It is simply the first step to see if we're a match to work together in service of your goals.

Feeling adventurous? Feeling aligned? Feeling nervous but excited?

Have questions first? They are so welcome!

Reach out to me at

or the social accounts at the bottom of the page.

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