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This robust toolkit is designed to help you feel more held, supported, and empowered as you face the fear and uncertainty that are inevitable in the process of divorce and relationship transition (not to mention all the craziness we've all been through in recent times).


You'll find a guided visualization to help you tap into the grounding power of your own nervous system by invoking your own Inner Guardian, a workbook of prompts to help you integrate the process, and a "Sensory Spellbook" of simple methods to connect to sensations of protection & stability throughout your daily life.



If you're facing questions you're not sure how to answer, advice that feels more harrowing than helpful, or you'd like to simply feel more prepared for when you're hit with "what happened?" This workbook is here to help.
You'll find fast & simple inquiry to identify your needs, wants, and possible emotional drains to protect against.

The Script Bank will help you find the words to redirect into safe and/or supportive territory so that you can not only protect your emotional energy, but also to deepen your connection with those who care, and receive more support in ways that REALLY work for you.

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If you're interested in 5 simple, practical tools to release shame over the past & open your heart to healing, this is for you. I'll e-mail you everything you need to use movement, meditation, journaling & ritual to alchemize shame into acceptance, compassion and love. Ready for healing in your inbox?

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