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When you're navigating the portals of divorce, breakup, or relationship transition, it helps to have guidance, support, and perspectives that address not only the challenges you're facing, 

but also

the potential for your personal Phoenix transformation.


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The Alchemical Toolkit


Facing Fear & Uncertainty

This kit was crafted to give you a sense of increased stability, support, and empowerment as you face the fear and uncertainty that are inevitable in the process of divorce and relationship transition.

(not to mention all the craziness we've all been through in recent times)


Inside the Toolkit you'll receive:

  • A welcome video to walk you through each component and how to use it

  • Audio recordings of a guided visualization practice as well as an explanation of "how & why this works."

  • An accompanying workbook & reflection journal to help you integrate the practice

  • A Sensory Spellbook of simple, do--able ways to integrate what you've uncovered in your guided practice into your daily routine


This will also subscribe you to "Phoenix Writes" letters: weekly musings and updates on all things related to the Phoenix Path of divorce and relationship transition.

You'll receive e-mails each Thursday & occasionally additional free resources like this one. You can unsubscribe at any time and it will not affect your access to the Toolkit.

Enter your Contact details below to receive your Alchemical Toolkit and begin to face Fear and Uncertainty from a new, more supported place.

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